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The DuVal Family Association is dedicated to the descendants of Daniel DuVal who arrived on the York River of Virginia, aboard the Nassau, in 1701. We meet every two years in a fun location.

American Civil War

1861 - 1865


John Howard Baskette (1829 - 1884) husband of Matilda K. DuVal, descendant of Samuel DuVal, was a Colonel of the 68th regiment of Tennessee Militia of Coffee County, appointed by General I.Z.T. Maury, Brig. General. 

William James W. Duval (1830-1911) b. Henrico Co., Virginia. Daniel II descendant. Youngest son of John A. and Joanna Moon Duval. Served as 1st Lieutenant in Company D, 38 Regiment - Tennessee Infantry (aka Looney's Regiment 8 Tennessee Infantry). August 1861 - May 1862.

Harvie Sheffield DuVal (1832-1910) was the youngest child of John Pope and Ann Fouchee Tebbs DuVal and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Confederate army.

Claiborne Alexander DuVal (1832 -1906) son of Alexander De La Plaunche DuVal and Margaret Gwin, was in the battle of Jackson and also as Field Surgeon in the battle of Vicksburg, rendering valiant and distinguished service.

Samuel Claude DuVal (1834-1900) Descendant of Samuel DuVal. Enlisted as Sgt. in Company K, 6th California Infantry Regiment in 1863. Discharged at wars end as 1st Sgt.

Thomas Isaac DuVal (b.abt 1835-1863) son of James and and Lydia Russell DuVal, was a private in Captain Kelsy McDowell's company, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Infantry. He died in the battle of Baker's Creek,(Champion Hill) Mississippi on 14 May 1863 during the Vicksburg Campaign.

Henderson DuVal (1838-1863) son of James and Lydia DuVal, enlisted in the same company as his brothers and died in the battle of Baker's Creek,(Champion Hill) Mississippi on 14 May 1863 during the Vicksburg Campaign.

William Russell DuVal (1836-1862) son of James and Lydia DuVal, was first lieutenant in Captain McDowell's company, the same company in which his two brothers served. William enlisted on or about December 10, 1861. William died at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi on 3 October 1862, planting the flag on top of the Union breastworks. Just as he shouted "Victory" he was killed.

William Anthony DuVal (1833 - 1863) son of William Jennings and Catherine Waddy DuVal enlisted in the First Texas Infantry, Hoods Brigade Army in May 1861. William was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg on 2 July 1863 during the battle of Little Round Top.

Thomas Calthorpe Howard (1838 - 1865)son of Sarah Catherine DuVal and William Henry Howard,Captain in the Confederate army on staff of General William Steele....said to have served as Capt., CSA, on staff of Gen. William Steele, he is not mentioned by Crute, CSO; CICS, roll 253, however, confirms that Thomas C. Howard did serve as Lieut. and adjutant of the 7th Texas Cav., CSA; this was the Regt.commanded by Col. (later Brig. Gen.) William Steele; d.s.p. (Grabowskii, 241; Simpson, 134).

Joseph Dabney DuVal (1840 - 1886) son of William Jennings and Catherine Waddy DuVal, also enlisted in the First Texas Infantry, Hood's Brigade Army in May 1861. He was injured two months after enlisting and was discharged at Richmond, VA with a surgeon's certificate of disability.

William DuVal Howard (1840 - 1862) son of Sarah Catherine DuVal and William Henry Howard, killed in the second battle of Manassas, Lieutenant with Lee on the frontier, fighting Indians before the Civil War....said to have served on frontier as Indian-fighter ante-bellum; served in CSA; He was killed from wounds received at the 2nd Battle of Manassas and buried at Stone Church, Centreville, VA (Grabowskii, 241).

John M. Pilcher (1841-1924) husband of Mary Lucy DuVal, entered the military service of the Confederate States, serving in Company D, Second Regiment, Local Defense Troops, from May, 1863 to April, 1865.

Burr Grayson DuVal (1842 - 1893) son of Thomas Howard DuVal and Laura Peyton DuVal and grandson of William Pope DuVal, was not quite 20 years old in the fall of 1862 when he received a commission to the Confederate Service as first lieutenant and aide-de-camp to General William S. Steele. On 20 September 1864, received the rank of Captain.

Charles Henry Howard  (1842 - 1877) son of Sarah Catherine DuVal and William Henry Howard, captain with Terry Rangers in the Civil War...served as a private, Co. F, 8th Texas Cav., C.S.A., a famous regt. known as "Terry's Texas Rangers," which Crute describes as "one of the hardest fighting cavalry units in the war"; m. Louise Zimperman; "he was killed by Mexicans in 1877"). [Grabowskii, 241, who erroneously gives his rank as capt.; CICS, roll 253; CRUTE, UCSA, 327328).

Samuel DuVal Dunscomb (1844-1898) descendant of Samuel DuVal, served as Private in both Company K, 5th Missouri Infantry (CSA) and Co. B 1st Battalion Missouri Infantry (CSA)

Isacc Adams Howard  (1845 - 1863)son of Sarah Catherine DuVal and William Henry Howard, killed at the battle of Gettysburg, Company B, 5th Texas Rangers with Lee....Grabowskii, p. 241, gives a very garbled entry: "killed at the battle of Gettsyburg, Company B, 5th Texas Rangers. With Lee. Born 1845, died 1865." He was undoubtedly the "J.A. Howard" [sic: "J." and "I" were often difficult to distinguish in 19th cent. script] who enlisted as a private in Co. B., 5th Tex. Inf., CSA, which was mustered into service on September 30, 1861; thus he presumably fought at the Seven Days, 2nd Manassas, Antietam, and Fredericksburg, being promoted to cpl. on November 7, 1862; he was k. in Hood's celebrated attack on the Peach Orchard and Round Tops at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, "while charging enemy with colors"). [Grabowskii 241; Simpson, 181, 185; CICS, roll 253; KRICK, 64].

William Irvin Purkins (1846 -1926) descendant of William DuVal, Civil War 32nd Virginia Regiment under command of Col E.B. Montague,Semes Brigade of McLaws Division, Fredricksburg, VA. The regiment was in Corse's Brigade-Picketts Division of Longstreets Corps. The brigade consisted of the 15th, 17th, 30th and 32nd at Gettsburg. In May 1864, the 32nd was at Petersburg and Richmond. In 1865 at Appomatox, the 32nd was assigned to the courthouse for the surrender to the Union army. Upon the release from duties, William walked home to Petersburg where his mother and uncle were waiting. He begged for food at people's back doors and slept in barns when he could. He kept a diary of this experience.

Nathaniel Pope Howard (1847 - 1867)son of Sarah Catherine DuVal and William Henry Howard, fought in the Civil War with Magruder, died of malaria contracted during the War....said by Grabowskii to have served in CSA under Cen. [John B.] Magruder; d.s.p. "of malaria contracted during the war"). [GRABOWSKII, 24; I can find no independent confirmation for Grabowskii 's claim of Confederate military service; CICS, roll 253, lists a N.P. Howard, but identifies him as a surgeon; it also lists a "Nathan Howard," (private, Co. K, 18th Tex. Cav., CSA, and a "N. Howard (Co. B., Confederate Engineer Troops")

Seth Alexander DuVal (abt. 1847 -1935) son of Stephen and Susan Halsey DuVal, served in the Confederate Army in the cavalry, under General William Lee, son of Robert E. Lee. He took part in the following engagements; Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, Battle of North Anna, Haw Shop, White Stiven, Ring's Station and Hatcher's Run. He was detailed as a scout for General Early, following the battle of Haw Shop.

Alexander DuVal McNairy (1840 - 1901) descendant of Samuel DuVal, 3rd Lt., Company B, 20th Tennessee Infantry. "He commanded a company of independent scouts known as the "Swannee Rifles" and fought at Fishing Creek and Shiloh; they later organized a battalion of partisan cavalry, which operated behind Union lines in Tennessee. They operated between the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers in Tennessee during 1862 and 1865. He was considered the terror of the Federal Army. His gang specialized in the harassment of railroad workers. On 18 Oct 1864 the track workers were captured by McNairy and his men between Sneedville and White Bluff (now Dickson). Three days later the bushwhackers burned all the dwellings and worker's huts on the railroad." ("Ghosts by Daylight" 1893).


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