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The DuVal Family Association is dedicated to the descendants of Daniel DuVal who arrived on the York River of Virginia, aboard the Nassau, in 1701. We meet every two years in a fun location.


Texas War for Independence

2 October 1835 to 21 April 1836

John Crittenden DuVal (1816 - 1897) and Burr H. DuVal(1809 - 1836) brothers, sons of William Pope and Nancy Hynes DuVal and descendants of Samuel DuVal, volunteered in 1835 in Kentucky for service in the breakaway provence of Mexico known as Texas. The volunteers made their way down the Mississippi to New Orleans and then to the Texas coast. There, in December 1835, they were accepted into service into the Texas cause. They were ultimately assigned to Col. Fannin's command in Goliad. Fannin belatedly attempted to reinforce Travis' garrison at the Alamo but changed his mind and returned to Goliad. After some delay made to join Gen Houston and the rest of the Texan Army but were overtaken by a column of The Mexican Army. They were surrounded in a poor position to defend and were given terms for surrender. Fannin surrendered his command and they were returned to Goliad. A few days later, in violation of the terms of surrender and the rules of war they were marched out of Goliad and massacred. John C. was one of the few that escaped to tell the story of the atrocity. Burr was likely killed in the first volley. Barely a month later Santa Anna, having become disdainful of the Texan forces and their leadership and not considering the rage that he had planted in the army of Gen. Houston by his despotic act at Goliad was defeated and captured on April 21, 1836 at San Jacinto. Texas had begun it's ten years as a republic. (Written by Kenneth W. Pfeiffer)

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