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The DuVal Family Association is dedicated to the descendants of Daniel DuVal who arrived on the York River of Virginia, aboard the Nassau, in 1701. We meet every two years in a fun location.

World War I

1914 - 1918


Robert Cammack DuVal Jr. (1886-1959) twin son of Robert Cammack DuVal and Judith Dabney Billingsley, was a First Lieutenant in the 318th Infantry, 80th Division in the first World War. He was severely wounded in action in the Meuse-Argonne offensive of September-October, 1918.

John Billingsley DuVal (1886-1980) twin son of Robert Cammack and Judith DuVal, was a First Lieutenant in the Coast Artillery Corps.

William Joseph DuVal (1872 - ? ) son of Hardy M.C. DuVal and Elizabeth E. Moberly, was appointed United States explosive inspector for Kansas, by President Wilson. On 29 April 1935 he was appointed by Governor Ruby Lafoon of Kentucky as Aide-de-Camp with the rank and grade of Colonel.

Alvin Kelley Baskette (1873- 1963) descendant of Samuel DuVal, entered service as Private in the 1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, 19 May 1898. Detailed Captain, Quartermaster Corps, 13 Feb 1913, Sailed for France, June of 1918 with 29th Division. Commanding 1st Salvage Depot, St. Pierre des Corps, near Tours, France until January 1919. Presented with Distinguished Service Medal for this service.

Charles DuVal Roberts (1873-1966) descendant of Samuel DuVal, earned the Croix de Guerre (France) and Officer of the Order of Leopold (Belgium) medals in World War I.

Edward Alexander DuVal (1890-1966) third son of Robert Cammack and Judith DuVal, was a member of the 42nd (Rainbow) Division, saw active service in France, and was in the Army of Occupation in Germany after the Armistice.

DuVal Lane Purkins (1891-1972) descendant of William DuVal, native of Hope, Arkansas, enlisted in the Army and served two months in France. Upon his return he practiced law in 1923 and became city attorney in Warren, AR.

Claiborne Alexander DuVal (1891-1977) son of Easton DuVal and Eugenie Dodson, was a Captain in World War I.

Harry Gordon DuVal (1892-1975) fourth son of Robert Cammack and Judith DuVal, after several months of service at Camp Lee, Virginia, was released because of a physical disability, but later rendered valuable service with the army draft boards in Richmond.

Duval G. West, II (1893-1939) descendant of Samuel DuVal, was a Captain in the United States Army in France.

Paul A. DuVal (1895-1970) son of Samuel Stephens DuVal and Daisy May Robins, enlisted in the navy and served until his discharge at the close of World War I.

Easton William Duval (1896 -1976) son of Easton DuVal and Eugenie Dodson, was an observer/bomber in the air corps.

Ascham James DuVal (1899-1984) fifth son of Robert Cammack and Judith DuVal, was a member of the Students Army Training Corps at the University of Richmond when the Armistice was signed, being too young for active service with troops.

Miles DuVal (1896 -1991) son of Miles and Minnie Chalkley DuVal, graduated U.S. Naval Academy, Class 1919. Served U.S.S. Nevada, U.S.S. Wright, U.S.S. Isherwood, U.S.S. Saratoga.


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