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The DuVal Family Association is dedicated to the descendants of Daniel DuVal who arrived on the York River of Virginia, aboard the Nassau, in 1701. We meet every two years in a fun location.

World War II

7 Dec 1941 - 14 Aug 1945


Claiborne Alexander Duval (1891 - 1977) descendant of Samuel DuVal, was a Colonel in World War II

Rufus King Lassiter(1892 - 1968) The grandson of Oliver DuVal Moore. Rufus enlisted in the Army Air Corps the next day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. He served as a Major in the Pacific Campaign. He was on the island of New Guinea in the Phillipines.

John P. Kile (1911-1971) descendant of Daniel DuVal II, enlisted in the Army after Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. He was about 30 at the time. He served in the China-Burma-India region during the war. He rose to the rank of First Lieutenant, and received the Bronze Star for heroic and meritorious service from 3 July 1944 to 7 September 1944. Later, he also served in the Korean Conflict, after which he was discharged from the Army.

Stanwood Richardson Duval (1913- 2001) descendant of Samuel DuVal, Major Duval, USMC(R), enlisted in the Marine Corps on 8 June 1942 with his brother Claude (T.T.) Berwick Duval. They attended reserve officers training school at Quantico, VA where they were commissioned on 31 October 1942 as Second Lieutenants. He has written an amazing memorial of World War II and has dedicated it to the 3298 officers and enlisted men of the Fourth Marine Division who gave their lives in the battles of Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jimo.

Claude Berwick Duval (1914 -1986) descendant of Samuel DuVal, Lt. Col. Duval, USMC(R), served with the 1st and 3rd Battalions, 23rd Marine Regiment of the 4th Marine Division. He and his brother landed in the assault waves in the seizure and capture of the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima.

George Clinton Pyne, Jr. (1914 -1996) descendant of Benjamin, grandson of Mary Lucy DuVal, was a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1936 until 1942 when he was called into active service in February 1942. He had overseas service with the Third Army Air Force in the European Theatre of Operations (North Africa, Italy, France) until November 1944, receiving five battle stars. He served at McDill Field, Tampa, Florida, until the end of the war.

James Minetree Pyne (1917 - 1994) descendant of Benjamin, grandson of Mary Lucy DuVal, rose from Private to Major in the United States Infantry between 1942 and 1946. He was assigned to the European Theatre of Operations as a member of the Eightieth Division, a part of Patton's Third Army. He was twice decorated (bronze star with oak leaf cluster) for heroic service in combat.

Julian Brite Hays (1918 - 2009 ) descendant of Benjamin, he enlisted 12 Nov 1942. He received training in radio operation and mechanics at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He served as Staff Sergeant with the 503rd Fighter Squadron of the 8th Air Force. He was stationed in England from where his squadron took part in the battles and campaigns of Normandy; Northern France, Rhineland; Central Europe, and Ardennes; Air Offensive. He was discharged 23 Sep 1945.

Glen Norman Williams (1918 - 2009) 1st Lt. AAF descendant of Daniel Duval II. He enlisted 21 Jan 1942 at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Following Basic Training at March Field he was assigned to the Signal Corps. He served as 1st Sergeant of the 656th Signal Aircraft Warning Co., Hamilton Field, CA. It operated Radar installations up and down the California coast.He completed AAF Officers Candidate School, Miami, Fl, May 1944 as a 2nd Lieutenant AAF then to Staff & Command School, Warner-Robins, GA. Upon graduation he was transferred to Sacramento Air Service Command, McClellan Field and assigned to Adjutant Generals Office as Acting Asst. Adjutant General. In Feb.1945 reassigned to 558th Air Service Group as Headquarters Squadron Adjutant and promoted to 1st Lt. He served with the 8th Air Force in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Returned to the U.S.26 Jan 1946. Separated from Service at Fort Logan, CO.

Thomas Arthur Wilkinson (1919 - 2006 ) descendant of William, served in the Air Force in Italy during 1944 - 1945 in the squadron section, and stateside during 1943.

Robert Norman Baskette (1920 - 2011) descendant of Samuel DuVal, served in the Army Infantry 80th Division, 3rd Army, Company A, 318th Infantry, 9 October 1941 through 29 October 1945. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star as well as Good Conduct,Europlan American Middle Eastern Campaign, American Campaign, Army of Occupation, American Defense Medal for Foreign Service.

Henry Adams Davis (1920 - 2008) descendant of Samuel DuVal, 1st Lt. attached to the 9th Army Air Force at Normandy Beach. After the battle of St. Lo, assigned with the 29th Tactical Air Command under the 9th U.S. Army. He spent the winter of 1944-45 in Hasselt, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. Put up the longest span of cables across the Rhine River while in command of Company "A". Stationed in Germany at the end of the war, began trip to Pacific Theater, signed up for Army of Occupation in Germany and served there until 6 June 1946. Retired as Major U.S. Army Reserve in an Airborne Unit.

Stewart Easton Duval (1921 - 2008 ) descendant of Samuel DuVal, was in the army in World War II and was the first to land on many islands in the Pacific as an observer. He is also an artist and brought back many drawings and pictures of the Pacific War. He was in Japan waiting to come home and his father showed up and said "let's go home". His father, Claiborne A Duval, was in charge of the troop ship and Stewart did not know that he was anywhere around that area!

Easton William Duval, Jr. (1921 - 1944) descendant of Samuel DuVal, was a pilot and was shot down and killed in Yugoslavia.

John Stockton Du Val (1921 - 1994) descendant of Benjamin DuVal, U. S. Marine Corps, participated in the Marshall Islands Operation, Gilbert Islands Operation and the Western Carolina Operation. Honorably discharged December 8, 1945.

Patricia A. Sutton (1923 - 1986) wife of John Stockton Du Val, served in the women's Marine corps at Santa Barbara, California. Honorably discharged 9 October 1945.

Hugh Powhatan Duval, Jr. (1923 - ) descendant of Daniel DuVal II, was assigned to the 451st Bomb Group, sent to Fremont, Nebraska to teach air crews armament training. He was then sent to Italy with the 15th Air Corp for over two years and was discharged in September of 1945.

Jack H. Thacker (1921 - 2009 ) Lt. Col, USAF descendant of Samuel DuVal, served during 3 wars, but did not see combat action in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. He flew on 30 bombardment missions in B-24s against Japanese targets as Gunnery Officer of the 400th Squadron and later of the 90th Bomb Group during WW II. He participated in 9 campaigns and was awarded the Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Cluster.

Miles Kelly Thacker (1923 - 1944)Cpl, USMC, descendant of Samuel DuVal, participated in two invasions: Empress Augusta Bay (Bougainville) and Guam. He was killed on Guam, 22 Jul 1944. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal.


Roger DuVal Baskette, Sr. (1924 - 2012) descendant of Samuel DuVal, was inducted in the United States Army on July 20, 1943. He was assigned to the 90th Chemical Mortar Battalion attached to III Corps, under General Van Fleet, United States First Army. His training camps/bases were Camp Rucker, Alabama. Advanced training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Fort Fisher, North Carolina and maneuvers with the 78th Infantry Division at A.P. Hill, Virginia. Roger was part of the European Theatre or Operation, England, France, Belgium and Nuremburg, Germany. He took part in the battles at Rhineland and Central Europe including Battle of Ruhr Pocket and Remagen Bridgehead. His awards and medals are as follows: American Service Medal, American Defense Medal, European-African and Middle East Medal with 2 Battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal, Rifle Marksman Medal. He was separated from the United States Army on 2 Feb 1946 at Fort McPherson, Georgia.

Lewis F. DuVal (1927 - 2001) USN(R), descendant of Benjamin DuVal, enlisted 26 December 1944, discharged 23 July 1946 as RDM 3rd class. Served on board USS Oracle AM103 - USS Dundlin AM361 and USS Adams DM27. He was awarded the following medals - WW2 Victory, American Campaign, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, Navy Occupation Service medal with clasp "ASIA" and China Service medal.

This picture of the USS Oracle was donated in memory of Ensign James E. Hansen who served on the USS Oracle from October 6, 1943 until he was discharged on February 18, 1946 by his very proud son, Jim Hansen

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